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Eanes August 27th, 2014 School Board Meeting – Be there – Topics: Conisderation for sale of River Hills property tract + moving Sports MegaPlex forward

The Eanes school board has recently approved a new version of the plan for a sports complex on the district’s River Hills Rd. site, and the developers state that they will move forward with the permitting and approval process in the near future. This plan, as we understand it, will include 8 sports fields, all with bright field lighting. This plan has essentially all of the same issues as their original plan released almost 4 years ago and has done little to address community concerns about harsh lighting and noise, traffic and safety, environmental issues and the overall scale of the project within a residential neighborhood.

Additionally, EISD is contemplating selling the River Hills tract in the near future. Any sale would apparently take place with the 50-year lease to the sports leagues in place, without having resolved the neighborhoods concerns about the project.

We have continued to offer alternative solutions for over a year now that we believe are better for the school district, the sports leagues and the community. We have offered our support for a four-field plan on River Hills with other fields to be built on the Baldwin tract and other school sites. We have reaffirmed our offer of over $1,000,000 to help pay for building these fields.
This solution gets the leagues all the fields they are looking for while making improvements to EISD property that benefits the community, all at no cost to the district.

Please join us at the upcoming Wednesday, August 27th school board meeting. Things are happening now so your participation is important!

We will be there. Will you?

Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Closed session: 6:30pm

Open Session: 7:30-10:00pm

Located: In the Board Room of the S. Don Rogers Administration Building at 601 Camp Craft Road (near Westlake High School).

Thank you.

Let them know by E-Mail too! Stop this ‘ River Hills Sports Park ‘ Mega-Complex!

Your voice matters and by emailing the EANES School Board members and attending School Board Meetings – you will make the difference!

WHLL is continuing to press for approval for the Megaplex, and is apparently pressing the Eanes ISD board for changes to the contract which will make it easier for them to gain zoning approval. However, on Tuesday the board received a letter of interest regarding the purchase of the land for $5mm on terms that would ensure the land would be developed into a neighborhood or held as a nature conservancy.

We would like to encourage the board to (a) not further entangle themselves by modifying the lease, and (b) fully consider other alternatives for the land.

Would you please take a few minutes and send an email by Tuesday, August 27th to each of the EISD board members? A draft message is below. Feel free to modify it into your own words if you wish, or cut and paste it as is.

If you don’t mind posting a comment below to let us know you’ve sent emails to the board, that would be great so we can keep track of how heavily the board is being contacted. Also, please tell your friends in the area who you think are concerned about this issue too.

Thank you very much for your help.

Below are the e-mail addresses for the EANES School Board and the draft message:

Rob Hargett, President at rhargett@eanesisd.net
Beau Ross, Vice President at bross@eanesisd.net
Dr. Colleen Jones, Secretary at colleenjones@eanesisd.net
Dr. James “Kal” Kallison, Past President at kkallison@eanesisd.net
Ellen Balthazar at ebalthazar@eanesisd.net
Mike Frost at mfrost@eanesisd.net
Ronna Martin at rmartin@eanesisd.net

SUBJECT: No Sports Megaplex. Consider alternatives.

Dear Mr/Ms/Dr___________

Do not proceed with the Sports Megaplex. Do consider alternatives.

I live within the Eanes ISD, and do not support the proposed River Hills Sports Megaplex project. The Megaplex is completely out of place for our community, extremely detrimental for the environment, and wastes a valuable asset at a time when EISD has a $4.5mm operating shortfall.

I understand that the board is contemplating changes to the Megaplex contract to address complaints raised about the appropriateness of the lease, and possibly to help the Megaplex get zoning approval. Agreeing to such changes is a significant, deliberate decision to support the Megaplex, for which I would hold the current board members accountable.

I also understand that the board has received an offer to purchase the land for $5 million under terms that are favorable to the district and with restrictions which would ensure the land is developed in a way consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods. The board owes it to EISD students and taxpayers – as well as to the surrounding community — to fully explore selling the land for an appropriate use.