WaterShed & Contamination

The Watershed of the Property Runs Directly Into Eanes Creek.

The back of the property drains down to Eanes Creek, a direct tributary to the Colorado River (Lake Austin), and many residents use this creek for water and access to the lake.

Area resident’s are concerned about any negative impact to the quality of their water supply, in addition to the potential damage caused by the silting of the shallow creek due to the massive amount of soil disturbance caused by the razing of the two hilltops.

The creek drains into Lake Austin at a point just above the fresh water intake for the Rob Roy on the Lake subdivision, again causing concern about any negative impact to the quality of the water supply.

Well Water Contamination

Area residents are concerned about well water contamination from ball field fertilization and other chemicals. Many surrounding residents get their water from water wells, and are concerned that fertilizers and other chemicals used on the site could contaminate their water supply.

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