Official Offer Made to Eanes for River Hills Road site purchase

A potential opportunity to eliminate controversy of the the proposed River Hills Sports Park Mega-Comlex as well as shore up the balance sheet of EANES ISD has been put forth. A cash offer of $5,000,000 to buy the subject land and develop for other purposeses was presented to the board on August 13th.

Click here to see the offer letter.

Send E-Mail to the board members and let your voice be heard – whether you think this is the right choice or something else. Tell them – board contacts and a sample email provided here for easy cut/paste/edit.

And – Please, if you can, attend tomorrow’s Board meeting. Join your area neighbors in making it clear that the proposed Mega Sports Complex, now being referred to as the ‘River Hills Sports Park’, is one option that is absolutely not right for the site!

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