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Our Petition


We, the undersigned concerned residents of Texas, fully support youth sports and the establishment of youth facilities in safe and appropriate locations.

We, the undersigned concerned residents of Texas, do not support the creation of the proposed River Hills Sports Park for the following reasons:

  1. Access to the site is limited and extremely unsafe.
  2. The proposed scale of the project is inappropriate for a site surrounded by many residential neighborhoods.
  3. The proposed project is inappropriate given the significant environmental issues related to the site.
  4. Bright sports field lighting and loud amplified sound systems can not be contained on the site and will have a significant if not devastating impact to a large area given the site’s unique hilltop location and close proximity to Lake Austin.

We, the undersigned concerned residents of Texas, do support the pursuit of alternative solutions that work for both the area youth leagues and the Westlake neighborhoods.

We therefore petition the EANES Independent School, the Travis County Commissioners, and the City of Austin to take any necessary actions to reject Western Hills Little League’s proposed River Hills Sports Park plan and to work with community leaders to fully pursue safe and appropriate alternative solutions.

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The Westlake Neighborhood Alliance (“WNA”) brings area neighborhood associations and residents together to coordinate efforts to promote the common interests of our community. WNA studies the issues that affect the environment, safety, and quality of life in our community. The WNA provides a forum to influence area neighborhood development that minimizes traffic safety problems, minimizes negative impact on the environment, preserves the natural resources, and blends aesthetically with the natural beauty of the Hill Country.

The WNA represents approximately 300 households which includes:

  • River Hills Neighborhood Association
  • Rob Roy on the Lake Section
  • Rob Roy on the Creek
  • Seven Oaks Neighborhood Association
  • Weston Lane
  • Wood Island Home Owners Association

If your neighborhood is located in our area and shares common interests with our members, please contact us today about joining the Westlake Neighborhood Alliance.